Near + Far

Whether set in terrestrial oceans or on far-off space stations, Cat Rambo’s masterfully told stories explore themes of gender, despair, tragedy, and the triumph of both human and non-human alike. Cats talk, fur wraps itself around you, aliens overstay their welcome, and superheroes deal with everyday problems. Rambo has been published in Asimov’sWeird Tales, and among many others. She was an editor for Fantasy Magazine, has written numerous nonfiction articles and interviews, and has volunteered time with Broad Universe and Clarion West. She has been shortlisted for the Endeavour Award, the Million Writers Award, the Locus Awards, and most recently a World Fantasy Award.

The book is comprised of two collections of short stories, including a few not published anywhere else: “Near”-future fiction on one side and “Far”-future fiction on the other. Simply flip the book over to see the other collection.

Near + Far was designed in a tête-bêche (French for “head-to-tail”, or literally “head-to-head”), in the style of the old Ace Double novels. Elements from the Ace Doubles were incorporated to give a modern look to this classic format.

The masterful cover art was done by British artist Sean Counley (, illustrations by Mark Tripp (, and the text design by Vicki Saunders.

978-0-9848301-4-5 (print)
978-0-9848301-5-2 (ebook)
LCCN: 2012943112


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