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    Northward to VCon!

    Posted: September 30, 2014 by Tod McCoy   -   No Comments

    This weekend, Hydra House will be making an appearance at Vancouver’s homegrown science fiction and fantasy convention, VCon, an awesome little convention that has been running for many, many years and typically has excellent writing tracks. This year, the writing tracks were programmed by none other than Sandra Wickham! Who’s about to give birth!!

    Hydra House will be sharing a booth with two other fine Pacific Northwest presses, Fairwood Press and Resurrection House. If you’re going, swing by the dealer’s room and say hello. We’ll be taking bets on which comes first: The end of VCon or Sandra’s baby.

    OMNIBUS EDITION of Faerie Tales from the White Forest launches!

    Posted: September 1, 2014 by Tod McCoy   -   No Comments

    Final Cover Omnibus websize

    We have a treat for fans of our Faerie Tales from the White Forest series by Danika Dinsmore.


    The omnibus collects the first three books in the series in one book (Brigitta of the White Forest, The Ruins of Noe, and Ondelle of Grioth). The second three books (6 in total!) will be released in a second volume down the road.

    NOW avalable in ebook form with a print version being launched mid-month.

    For those who enjoy fantasy adventure, Faerie Tales from the White Forest offers a new twist on the traditional faerie tales so loved by young readers.

    From devastating curses to death-defying quests, Water Faerie Brigitta and her growing collective of misfit friends face greater and greater challenges when destiny calls upon them to “make the balance right again” after the Great World Cry has left their world in elemental chaos.