The Ruins of Noe



by Danika Dinsmore
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ISBN: 0-9754042-5-3

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About “The Ruins of Noe”

“I don’t understand,” said Brigitta, and then glanced back down as the baby yawned and opened her eyes. They were crystal white. “She has no destiny.”

Ondelle reached in, picked the baby up, and cradled it in her arms. “The Ethereals have not visited her.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A child born with no destiny: one of many signs that the White Forest faeries had lost touch with the Ethereals, the Ancient Ones. High Priestess Ondelle is convinced by an old proverb that one faerie is fated to travel to the former home of the Ancients, the Ruins of Noe, to find the answer. That faerie, she believes, is Brigitta. Ondelle and Brigitta set off to save their forest once again, but when they arrive in Noe they discover something they never learned from any faerie tale. Why had this dark secret been kept from them? Why in the name of Faweh had the Ancients left some faeries behind?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Praise for Book One “Brigitta of the White Forest”:

“Dinsmore weaves a coming of age story through a world that is both fantastic and believable.”
~ Rise Reviews

“The details are what matter, and this world is richly imagined… a little gem of a book.”
~ Young Adult Book Central

“Fantasy and adventure in a delightful combination… fast-paced, with lots of imaginative elements to keep the reader interested until the very end.”
~ Berger’s Book Reviews


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