Still trying to break into the iTunes Bookstore

So, two weeks later and still no luck. No love from Apple with regards to getting into their bookstore, and no way of knowing just what the heck is going on. No number to call, to information posted by Apple, just an email address to an account that probably never gets checked. Argh.

Although I think I know what’s at the root of this. When I first applied, I used my SSN instead of an EIN — in most cases, especially for a sole proprietorship, that should be FINE. But for whatever reason, Apple didn’t like it and rejected my application.

So what I did was to pick up the phone and CALL THE IRS. Under most circumstances, people think that’s CRAZY. But it turned out to be a quick and efficient way to pick up an EIN right there on the spot! Now I have one.

I plugged it in to the Apple website and guess what? No love. Same thing. But the nice tax man said that it might take three weeks to get into the system before someone like Apple can verify it.

So now all I do is check that email account for the Apple rejection email, which contains a link to “try again.” I think every other day I do this. I re-enter my new EIN and wait for something different to happen.

Maybe someday soon my persistence will pay off.

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