New title! “The Twelve Ways of Christmas” by Sandra Odell

Hydra House is very pleased to announce the release of Sandra Odell’s “The Twelve Ways of Christmas,” a collection of twelve short stories based on the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

The stories were written in the twelve days leading up to Christmas 2011, one per day. A Christmas party in zero gee; ten fancy men leaping through a cattle drive camp; a dancer at the end of the world—these are not your typical Christmas images, just as these are not your usual takes on the twelve days of Christmas. Sandra Odell brings an edgier, more fantastical approach to the holiday season, reimagining the classic song in her own way.

Publishers Weekly calls it “a bewitching enterprise.”

Graham Joyce called it “A delightful Christmas stocking of a book rammed with gifts of poignancy, fun, and inspiration.”

Connie Willis noted that she is “a sucker for Christmas stories, and [Odell] offers a clever and intriguing array of them, from the grim to the sentimental to the hauntingly eerie. A perfect collection for Christmas!”

“The Twelve Ways of Christmas” is available in print and ebook formats through the Hydra House bookstore, the University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle,, or Barnes & Noble.


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