Launch party for “Snapshots” at Rustycon! With Every Day Fiction!

The launch party has been set KC Ball’s “Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities” — Friday, January 20 at 7pm, at Rustycon, the scifi and fantasy convention taking place January 20-22 in Seattle. And you’re invited!
Rustycon ( has been running for 28 years and we’re proud to launch the book there. We also have a new co-sponsor: Every Day Fiction! How exciting is that! Every Day Fiction is also publishing work by KC Ball — under the imprimatur “Every Day Novels” (, they’ll be publishing “Lifting Up Veronica,” KC’s first novel. The novel will be published in a unique format: one “bite-sized chapter” a day for fifteen weeks, and you can read it on a subscription basis for a mere $5.
The launch party begins on or about 7:00pm. We don’t have a set format yet, but we expect KC will do a reading sometime about 8:00. There will also be booze (bring your ID) and munchies and door prizes and books for sale.
Mark your calendars!


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