Last chance to get hardcover versions of “Near + Far” and “Telling Tales”

Sunday, February 17, will be the last day you can order hardcover versions of Cat Rambo’s “Near + Far” or the Clarion West fundraiser anthology “Telling Tales” through major retailers. After next Sunday, no more hardcovers will be printed! Note that softcovers and ebooks will continue to be available.

Why, you may be asking, would we do that? The fact of the matter is that hardcovers are largely printed for a collector’s market. If a hardcover is available indefinitely, it never becomes a collectible. With this in mind, Hydra House is shifting its strategy slightly to meet the demand of collectors. You can expect to see lower print runs of any hardcover editions that we publish, as well as different kinds of editions. Signed, boxed editions, for instance, or numbered editions.

A few copies will still be available through Hydra House, so check the bookstore if you’d like a copy after next Sunday.

Here are the links to get hardcovers through the larger retailers:

Near + Far Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Telling Tales Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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