Join us at Bookfest

On October 1-2, 2011, Hydra House and en theos press will have a booth at the newly reinvigorated Bookfest in Kirkland, Washington. You can find the information here:

Danika Dinsmore (“Brigitta of the White Forest”) will be there, teaching two workshops: one on creating Dystopian fiction, the other on creating Imaginary Worlds. J.D. Munro (“The Erotica Writer’s Husband”) will be on a panel called “Taboo: Crossing the Line – Sex and Sexuality in Literature” at 5pm on Saturday. Not sure where our booth will be, but you can bet we’ll be selling books and giving away chocolate!

Nice to see Bookfest making a comeback. Back about ten years ago, I was on the board of the Eleventh Hour Productions, which oversaw the Seattle Poetry Festival. We shared an office with Bookfest in that incarnation down in Columbia City (Seattle), and we all saw how much work those ladies put into Bookfest. So I sympathize with Sheryn Hara and the others in putting this event together. It’s not easy!

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