It’s Launch Day! Today we release “Near + Far” by Cat Rambo

Happy Launch Day!

Cat Rambo’s double-anthology of short science fiction gets officially kicked out the door today! w00t!

Congratulations go out to a few people: Sean Counley ( who provided some AWESOME cover art (Chesley Awards, here we come!), Mark Tripp, who created those beautiful interior ornaments at the beginning of each chapter, Vicki Sanders, who did a masterful job of the interior layout, Jo Molnar, who copyedited the manuscript, and of course Cat Rambo for all of her hard work on creating these beautiful stories in the first place. And for coming up with the tete beche format! I can’t remember the last time I had a book I could flip over like that.

The book is now available for sale through the Hydra House website, although truth be told, we’ve run out of copies! I’m waiting on another batch of books to show up before I can even fill a few orders I have sitting here!

You can order it through most independent bookstores, and also find it at the University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle (the U District location). But you can also find it at and Barnes & Noble, as well as a most other retail outlets.

If you read ebooks, you can find the EPUB or MOBI here in the Hydra House bookstore, or look for them on or Barnes & Noble. [B&N isn’t up yet, for some reason, but should be there soon.]


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