Foolscap 2011, Redmond, Washington

Come out and see us this weekend at Foolscap in Redmond! We just found out a few days ago that both Danika and Tod will be sitting on panels there as well as reading on Saturday.

The gracious Patrick at Fairwood Press will be handling book sales for us, and there will be a few copies at Park Place Books, so if you haven’t got a copy of “Brigitta of the White Forest,” now’s your chance, and Danika will bring her special stamp along!

The schedules are:

Danika Dinsmore
Friday 4:00 PM Elk Why So Much Fantasy and So Little SF?
Saturday 5:30 PM ? Reading
Saturday 9:30 PM Canyon For Love and/or Money
Sunday 2:00 PM Canyon Writer Inspiration: What Inspires You to Write?

Tod McCoy
Saturday 8:00 PM ? Reading
Sunday 11:00 AM Alder New Paradigms for Creativity and Compensation?

Tod will have chocolate and wine at his, so come out and see him!

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