We have cover sign!!

What I mean is, we have new covers! But I’m sure there aren’t THAT many MST3K fans still lurking around that get my obscure little reference. (Are there?) Recently we nailed down the final art for the two books coming up in the Spring. The first is the cover art

Join us at Bookfest

On October 1-2, 2011, Hydra House and en theos press will have a booth at the newly reinvigorated Bookfest in Kirkland, Washington. You can find the information here: http://www.northwestbookfest2011.com/ Danika Dinsmore (“Brigitta of the White Forest”) will be there, teaching two workshops: one on creating Dystopian fiction, the other on

Announcing: “Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities” by K.C. Ball

With a great deal of pleasure, we are pleased to announce the publication of speculative fiction short stories by West Seattle writer K.C. Ball entitled “Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities,” slated for release in November, 2011. The book will feature twenty four stories, eighteen previously published and