Brigitta of the White Forest

Cover of Brigitta of the White ForestBrigitta of the White Forest
by Danika Dinsmore
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ISBN: 0-9754042-5-3

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About “Brigitta of the White Forest”

Brigitta is a young Water Faerie from the village-nest of Tiragarrow. She’s anxious about going through The Change, as she doesn’t see how destiny markings on her wings should determine her life’s path.

A few days before the annual Festival of the Elements, Brigitta is flying an errand with her tag-a-long sister when a mysterious curse turns everyone in the White Forest to stone, except for the two of them. They have no idea why they were not cursed, but they do know if they don’t turn everyone back in time for the festival rituals, the Hourglass of Protection will run out and so will its protective field around the forest.

With no one in their forest left to help them, they must leave the protected realm to seek an exiled faerie they have only heard about in ancient tales.

A fabulous – can’t put it down – lost in a fantasy world – read.
The perfect escape from reality to an enchanted world
we should all be so lucky to enter.

~Brett Brubaker and David Ford, Brubaker & Ford, Ltd.