Birth of the House of Hydra

It is with great pomp and circumstance (please envision grandiose festivities in your head), on this Solstice Day, 2011, that I am proud to announce the birth of Hydra House, a new imprint focused on publishing science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction works by Pacific Northwest authors, with an emphasis on the digital mediums. I chose “Hydra” not because of the nefarious nature of the beast, but rather because of its multi-headed form and its ability to regenerate and grow in new ways when completely chopped off. (Okay, maybe the metaphor IS a bit of a stretch, but I like it.)

The goal is to work not just with the print form of the book, but to work at distributing the text in a variety of forms, including print books, ebooks, audio, and possibly movies, television, and games, depending on the nature of the content. It’s an evolving concept for a press, and I intend to try and stay abreast of emerging technologies.

In the coming days I’ll have more information posted about the press and the services I’ll be offering, including an ebook conversion service. Hydra House will be able to convert books into epub, mobi, and pdf formats, which cover pretty much the gamut of electronic readers.

And finally, the first book to be released by Hydra House, I am very proud to announce, is an as-yet unnamed collection of short stories by West Seattle-based author and 2010 Clarion West school chum K.C. Ball. The book will be edited by Cat Rambo, a notoriously excellent author in her own right.

While en theos press will continue to operate as a small poetry press (granted, probably publishing less frequently), the one work that will be carried over to the new press is “Brigitta of the White Forest,” by Danika Dinsmore. We have received an enormous amount of positive feedback and are looking forward to the release of the second book in the series, “The Ruins of Noe.”

Please stay with me as I expand and grow the House of Hydra!


Tod McCoy
Hydra House
June, 2011



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  1. Sandra M. Odell says:


  2. This is all very exciting, Tod! I’m really looking forward to being part of Hydra House.

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