Announcing: “Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities” by K.C. Ball

With a great deal of pleasure, we are pleased to announce the publication of speculative fiction short stories by West Seattle writer K.C. Ball entitled “Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities,” slated for release in November, 2011.

The book will feature twenty four stories, eighteen previously published and six of them brand new.

“Snapshots” is edited by Redmond author Cat Rambo, and features a kick-ass cover by Seattle artist Christopher Sumption. The plan is to launch the book at Orycon in November.

K.C.’s writing is snappy and cool, and marches the reader through some bizarre twists and turns before arriving at emotionally satisfying conclusions. She is a Writers of the Future winner and a graduate of Clarion West. She has been published in Lightspeed Magazine, Analog, Every Day Fiction, and Kasma, among many others.

We are very excited to be releasing K.C.’s book as the first official release of Hydra House. Watch for more great work to come from this author and many others.


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