Almost there. Alllllllllllmost there.

It appears I finally broke into the Apple store.

About two weeks after I got my EIN (by calling the IRS directly), during which Apple repeatedly told me the EIN was wrong and denied me, forcing me to click the resubmit button each time, I was approved. All I can figure is that my EIN finally went on file and Apple figured it out.

On to the next step.Uploading a book.

The software isn’t nearly as user friendly as you would think. There is step after unexplained step, forcing you to think real hard about what is expected. There’s one intermediate step that asks for metadata or a related ISBN or some such thing, and I finally just left that one blank and moved on. A couple of errors popped up with the EPUB, but those were easily fixed in Sigil. (Tweak Epub is what I use for the OPF errors.) Finally, after hoop after hoop on my new old Mac, it took.

What an ordeal.

HOWEVER. It’s been … I don’t know. Ten days? Still not approved. Just sitting in limbo. Granted, Apple SAID it would take ten days (seriously? ten days? for what? someone to read the book?), but I honestly didn’t think it would take that long.

So I wait patiently.

And wait.

iTunes is not even supposed to be that large of a market. If they really want to make it worthwhile for people to sell in, they better get off the stick, as it were. All this hoop jumping is ridiculous.

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