Aha! Finally got in.

I got my email last week that my iTunes account had been approved! Yay! About time. I think the holdup was the fact that my EIN was brand new and not on file with the government yet. Took about two weeks. But at last, the first hurdle was gone.

On to the next hurdle. You get into your account, you accept the Terms and Definitions or whatnot, then you get to look at your dashboard. Flip through some instructions, download a PDF on how to proceed, and then download the iTunes Producer.

But wait … it’s not running. In fact, my computer doesn’t know what to do with it. Huh? What kind of file is that?

Search around, no instructions. None. Nothing to indicate why it’s not working. Search and search and search some more, all the while getting that sinking feeling that what you have is an Apple file that only runs on Apple computers. But do they SAY that anywhere?? No??

Finally you come across some references on other bulletin boards (MobiReads is a good one) where other people are complaining that iTunes Producer won’t run on anything but a Mac. Okay, then. I finally wasted two hours of time when a simple sentence would have fixed this: THIS FILE WILL ONLY RUN ON APPLE COMPUTERS.

So now I either have to buy a Mac or find a trusting friend who will let me borrow theirs.

Again, I am delayed in uploading my book.

I guess I can’t complain too much. Having worked for that OTHER big software company, I have to say we didn’t give much thought to making things work with Apple computers …

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